Sweet Potato Hash Breakfast Bowl

🍁 Sweet Potato Hash Breakfast Bowl. This breakfast is a staple for me now. It is so versatile and easy you can make any version of it by using the base of just a few ingredients: Sweet Potato, Onion, Spices, Pesto, and a Fried Egg. Simple, easy, and super healthy for you. This provides great fuel for a workout or a long day doing house/ yard work.


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Rosemary Spiced Nuts

These Rosemary Spiced Nuts that are SO easy to make, SO delicious, and SO pretty your guests will thank you time and time again. They are sweet, spicy, and full of holiday cheer! Place little bowls around the house for snacking, jar up and hand out as hostess gifts, or pack for lunch and snack all day! Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holidays. Continue reading Rosemary Spiced Nuts