Paris France 8.2016


Paris France. They say its the most romantic city in the world and I can see why… but not for the obvious reasons you might think. Last summer I went to Paris with my mother. There were no rose peddles on the bed or romantic candle lit dinners for two. Instead there were long walks, romantic paintings that took your breath away, and food that would make any person swoon.


I took a long walk one morning and was amazed at every turn. The buildings were reminiscent of gothic architecture yet romantic. I would turn a corner and discover a museum with a blue glass dome or a garden lining the way to the Louvre. Then of course the Eiffel tower is always looming in the background.

Eiffel Tower




We spent a morning eating a café across the street from the Notre Dame Cathedral, exploring the Shakespeare and Company book store, and then touring the Cathedral. This particular bookstore offers French books in English ( I brought back 3 cookbooks, go figure)!


The Palace of Versailles

The gardens were just as beautiful as the Palace. We got some Ladurée macaroons and fell asleep in the grass before wondering the gardens for a couple of hours. The pond, the trees, the maze of gardens are mesmerizing.




Thank you PARIS!

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One thought

  1. I live in Versailles currently, but I looove your pictures of the gardens! Also, Shakespeare & Company is one of my favorite spots in Paris. 🙂


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